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Prometheus / OpenTelemetry Metrics

Pleroma includes support for exporting metrics via the prom_ex library. The metrics are exposed by a dedicated webserver/port to improve privacy and security.

Config example:

config :pleroma, Pleroma.PromEx,
  disabled: false,
  manual_metrics_start_delay: :no_delay,
  drop_metrics_groups: [],
  grafana: [
    host: System.get_env("GRAFANA_HOST", "http://localhost:3000"),
    auth_token: System.get_env("GRAFANA_TOKEN"),
    upload_dashboards_on_start: false,
    folder_name: "BEAM",
    annotate_app_lifecycle: true
  metrics_server: [
    port: 4021,
    path: "/metrics",
    protocol: :http,
    pool_size: 5,
    cowboy_opts: [],
    auth_strategy: :none
  datasource: "Prometheus"

PromEx supports the ability to automatically publish dashboards to your Grafana server as well as register Annotations. If you do not wish to configure this capability you must generate the dashboard JSON files and import them directly. You can find the mix commands in the upstream documentation. You can find the list of modules enabled in Pleroma for which you should generate dashboards for by examining the contents of the lib/pleroma/prom_ex.ex module.


The following is a bare minimum config example to use with Prometheus or Prometheus-compatible software like VictoriaMetrics.

  scrape_interval: 15s

  - job_name: 'pleroma'
    scheme: http
    - targets: ['']