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Transfering the config to/from the database

Every command should be ran as the pleroma user from it's home directory. For example if you are superuser, you would have to wrap the command in su pleroma -s $SHELL -lc "$COMMAND".

From source note about MIX_ENV

The mix command should be prefixed with the name of environment your Pleroma server is running in, usually it's MIX_ENV=prod

Transfer config from file to DB.


You need to add the following to your config before executing this command:

config :pleroma, configurable_from_database: true
./bin/pleroma_ctl config migrate_to_db
mix pleroma.config migrate_to_db

Transfer config from DB to config/env.exported_from_db.secret.exs


In-Database configuration will still be applied after executing this command unless you set the following in your config:

config :pleroma, configurable_from_database: false

To delete transfered settings from database optional flag -d can be used. <env> is prod by default.

 ./bin/pleroma_ctl config migrate_from_db [--env=<env>] [-d]
mix pleroma.config migrate_from_db [--env=<env>] [-d]