Pleroma v1.0.0-319-g1689a11a.HEAD API Reference


Defines the Pleroma mailer.

The emojis are loaded from

Flake is a decentralized, k-ordered id generation service.

An HTML scrubbing policy which limits to twitter-style text. Only paragraphs, breaks and links are allowed through the filter.

Transforms inline image URIs to use MediaProxy.

Connection for http-requests.

Helper functions for building Tesla requests

Module collects metrics about app and assign healthy status.

Instances context.

Returns the mime-type of a binary and optionally a normalized file-name.

This module contains some useful functions for containing objects to specific origins and determining those origins. They previously lived in the ActivityPub Transmogrifier module.

Implements Mastodon-compatible pagination.

This is a shim to call Plug.Static but with runtime from configuration.


A keyword list of rate limiters where a key is a limiter name and value is the limiter configuration. The basic configuration is a tuple where

A reverse proxy.

Sends scheduled activities to the job queue.

Manage user uploads

Upload Filter behaviour

Replaces the original filename with a pre-defined text or randomly generated string.

Defines the contract to put and get an uploaded file to any backend.

User query builder module. Builds query from new query or another user query.

A module that keeps using definitions for controllers, views and so on.

Prevent followbots from following with a bit of heuristic

Drop and log everything received

Ensure a re: is prepended on replies to a post with a Subject

Block messages with too much mentions (configurable)

Reject or Word-Replace messages with a keyword or regex

Preloads any attachments in the MediaProxy cache by prefetching them

Block messages which mention a user

Does nothing (lets the messages go through unmodified)

Ensure no content placeholder is present (such as the dot from mastodon)

Scrub configured hypertext markup

Rejects non-public (followers-only, direct) activities

Filter activities depending on their origin instance

Apply policies based on user tags

Accept-list of users from specified instances

ActivityPub outgoing federation module.

A module to handle coding from internal to wire ActivityPub and back.

Conveniences for translating and building error messages.

Defines the contract used by federation implementations to publish messages to their peers.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

The module represents functions to manage user subscriptions.

Functions for dealing with scopes.

The module represents functions to clean an expired oauth tokens.

Contains queries for OAuth Token.

Functions for dealing with refresh token strategy.

Functions for dealing with revocation.

Auxiliary functions for dealing with tokens.

The module represents implementation push web notification

Module with named helpers generated from Pleroma.Web.Router.

The module containts functions for reset password.


Mix Tasks

Manages the location of the config.

A collection of database related tasks

Changes Logger level to :info before start migration. Changes level back when migration ends.

Changes Logger level to :info before start rollback. Changes level back when rollback ends.

Manages emoji packs

Manages Pleroma instance.

Manages remote relays

Generates robots.txt

Manages uploads

Manages Pleroma users.